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How it was

Russian and Georgian are both my mother tongues. The first, thanks to my Russian mother that had high expectations for me. And the second, because along with the "great and powerful" Russian, I was hearing them from the first days of my life at our paternal house in Tbilisi. 

English and Greek were added to my knowledge of foreign languages a few years later.

I graduated from Tbilisi State University of Theatre and Cinema as a journalist. I have been always influenced by the doctrines about the courage and integrity in this profession from my great lecturer and multifaceted advanced person, Kote Makharadze.

Lectures on the journalistic ethics and the ability to present yourself in a professional and effective manner, taught by excellent and responsive nature Keti Mitaishvili, have been memorable to me.


In parallel with my journalistic activities at TV channels and newspapers of Georgia and Greece, I have translated my favourite literary works, on my own.

My first professional contact with technical translations happened at translation agency of Electra Filippidou in 2009. Until 2013, she and her selection team managed to teach me how to administer the texts in their legal, marketing or technical versions.

Here, I would also like to thank Tatiana Gorodnyaya, who demonstrated me vividly, how to start a successful online business and in general what is the web and the internet technology. 


The Distance learning courses of Applied Translation at El-Translation School, were the top notch supplements to my translation knowledge.

Every person that I met, every event or every work that I've made, has definitely left a footprint on my personal and professional profile.


And I am intensely interested in offering my skills and experience

for your benefit. 

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